Samsung’s Most Advanced AndThe Most Expensive Smartphone Till Date

Samsung’s most advanced and most expensive smartphone till date, the all new Samsung S20 ultra hasn’t failed to meet the high expectations that were attached to it, the last flagship phone which was the Samsung Galaxy S10 was a massive hit and it had more admirers than critics but even the critics cannot deny the fact that the Samsung S20 ultra is a massive upgrade on the last flagship smartphone, this has been better in every possible way and Samsung like always hasn’t disappointed it massive customer base worldwide, s20 ultra price is $1400 which is a big one, it has been unheard of till now that a smartphone is out in the market costing almost one and a half thousand dollars, but given the fact that Samsung has created this super-high-end ultra-smartphone which doesn’t lack in any area.
You probably would require bigger hands to use this phone as the 6.9 inch dynamic AMOLED QUAD HD+ display feels amazing and is bigger than most of the other smartphones that are in competition to this smartphone, it is significantly bigger than the Samsung S20 screen which is 6.2 inches and if you hold the phone in your hand you realize the difference 5 inches make on a smartphone screen. The display is smooth and quicker than any other smartphone you have ever used and one cannot fault the display. The camera’s introduced in S20, S20 plus and S20 ultra have taken the entire industry ahead as the 108MP wide 1/1.33’’ 8um f/1.8 camera installed in the S20 ultra has amazed many, it does have a few autofocus issues before the upgrade but it will surely get a lot easier to handle as soon as the upgrade arrives, if you are willing to spend big on a smartphone and not regret doing it then Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is exactly the one you must go for.